Installing the whistle was easy…And I got the opportunity to fill the fuel tank. The whistle works quite well.

-Phillip G.

I installed it this weekend and refueled today. It whistled like kettle on the heat… and in heat! As the tank became nearly full, the whistle turned into a warble and then it went silent and I stopped fueling. Not one drop of fuel out the vent nor did it restrict the flow of fuel down the filler pipe. And the tank was full! It is the coolest thing! I cannot remember the last time I refueled without leaving a slick. Even one drop of diesel on the water is embarrassing. I thought you should know if you are one of those that has the same problems with fueling I “used to” have.

-Christopher I.

I think your company has a great product to offer to help keep our waters clean.

-Bill R.

Just saw (and loved) your product in the BoatUS Magazine.

-Christopher T.

…love the product and have some friends that want to install this also.

-Mark H.

The Fuel Whistle is a welcome solution.

-Jon M.


I really need this product.  Thank you!!!!

-Jerome N.