Bombs Away!

I braved the rough sea as I approached my boat, moored 200 yards off the beach.  As I get closer to my destination I see them waiting for me!  The skies are then filled as they take flight, blocking out the sun and leaving me with their aftermath.  The damage is done, I am too late, the bombs had landed.

Every boater at one time or another has experienced the wrath of the birds. I recently wrote about environmentally friendly cleaning products for boats and I must have struck a cord with the sea gods.  This past weekend I discovered that my boat had recently been the setting of a bird feast.  Now I’m going to get the chance to put my green boat soap to the ultimate test as my beautifully clean boat is completely covered with… detonated bird bombs and fish carcasses.  I had gotten away with no bird deterrent for the whole season, but now I need a solution.

I am hoping to get help from my fellow boaters who may have solved this problem and know something that works.  I own a sailboat so I don’t believe gull sweeps will work because there is no place to set them up.  I have done some research and have a couple of ideas that I hope will be successful.  However, if there is something you know that works, please feel free to comment or send me a private message.

I will keep you posted with my findings.

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The Pool Lining Tear

I received an interesting phone call last week regarding a tear in an above the ground pool liner.  Being a marine company getting a phone call about pools was unusual.  It turns out that some of the “Green Marine Products” we carry can be used for a number of different things outside of the marine / boating industry.  The caller had been told that the “Clam Seal” which we carry to fix tears in inflatable dingies and life rafts can also be used to permanently fix tears in any vinyl material and in this case a pool lining!

This got me thinking about some of the other products we carry that could be used for other purposes besides boating.

Everybody knows that WD-40 is an excellent lubricant and can be used on basically everything.  What most people don’t realize is that it is extremely toxic to them, and the environment.  The marine lubricant we carry called LiQuifix is 100% environmentally friendly for both land and marine uses and out performs WD-40 in testing.  So the next time you need to pick up WD-40, give LiQuifix a try and put it to your own test.

We will soon be carrying a microbial powder that eats oils and odors.  One of the reasons for using this powder will be for preventing smells in marine septic systems, as well as neutralizing oil spills.  While testing this powder we found that is can be used on parking lots, driveways, or airports where spills and oil build up. It can also be used on grass or other natural surfaces where a spill has occurred, small oil patches on water, or even large spills that cover coastal marshes and threaten sensitive ecosystems (the gulf disaster comes to mind).

This microbial powder is will revolutionize how oil spills on land and water are dealt with, because it is harmless to the environment and incredible efficient.


*a bag of microbial powder


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Top Tips for Greener Boating

I came across a web site dedicated to helping boaters save money by being more efficient, and in the process reducing their impact on the environment while on the water.

The tips that stood out to me:

1. Maintain proper equipment – barnacles on a propeller can greatly reduce its efficiency (as well as on the shaft and rudder).  Most of the products on the market today that prevent this are toxic to the environment and only last a short period of time before needing to be reapplied.  Prop Glop on the other hand can last an ENTIRE season with one application and is 100% environmentally friendly.  1 tube of Prop Glop can cover the propeller, shaft, rudder, and tabs on most size boats and you are good to go for the season.

2. Maintain a Clean Bilge – needless to say hazardous toxins that build up in a bilge and are then discarded over board by bilge pumps is not good for the environment.  The Bilge Shark is a foam pad that sits in the bilge and actually eats oils, and toxins converting them to pure water!  So when the bilge pump automatically pumps out the bilge no harmful materials enter the environment.  The Bilge Shark lasts approximately 3 months before needing to be replaced, 2 should get you through the whole season.

3. Prevent Fuel Spills – Ensuring fuel does not discharge from a vent line into the water usually means don’t “top off” your tank.  The 2 options are under fill you tank or overfill and spill fuel.  The Fuel Whistle is the simple solution to this problem.  Fill your tank to the top and the Fuel Whistle signals you before you get to full with enough time to stop before you spill.



You can go to this web site to view all the tips

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Do you have a clean boat? or a green boat?

I was at a local marina recently and I saw a dock hand washing one of the launches.  I wondered how often these boats were washed, and I concluded it must be at least twice per day.  The smell of the cleaning detergent was very powerful, and there was a scent of some kind of citrus but I could tell it was a chemical disguised as something natural.  Looking at the bottle I had no idea what any of the ingredients were, but I knew that none of them were naturally found in the environment.  I then watched as all of the toxic cleaning detergent was rinsed off into the water leaving the boat clean, and the water dirty.  I scanned the marina and 4 out of 5 boats were sparkling meaning they were all regularly cleaned.

I did some research and came across a great study by BoatU.S. that compared the top 20 so called “green” boat cleaner.  The study tested for toxicity, biodegradability and of course cleaning performance, below are the results.  I am happy to announce that we will now be carrying several green, environmentally friendly cleaners by the winner of the competition - Thetford Marine.  Check our products page for more information on these great green products.



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Spinning Disc Skimmer Wins Oil-Spill Cleanup Challenge

Hey Guys… Check out this article from Popular Mechanics Here

When the Exxon Valdez was wrecked off the coast of Alaska in 1989, cleanup crews were able to recover only about 14 percent of the spilled oil. Twenty-one years later, when the Deepwater Horizon disaster spilled oil into the Gulf of Mexico, recovery efforts had improved shockingly little: Responders were still burning, skimming, and directly trapping the oil coming out of the wellhead, and they captured just one quarter of the oil that spilled.

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Christopher Inniss

I installed it this weekend and refueled today. It whistled like kettle on the heat… and in heat! As the tank became nearly full, the whistle turned into a warble and then it went silent and I stopped fueling. Not one drop of fuel out the vent nor did it restrict the flow of fuel down the filler pipe. And the tank was full! It is the coolest thing! I cannot remember the last time I refueled without leaving a slick. Even one drop of diesel on the water is embarrassing. I thought you should know if you are one of those that has the same problems with fueling I “used to” have.