From the beginning...


In 2008 Green Marine Products, Inc. was launched after successfully creating and patenting 'The Fuel Whistle' which was the first product that prevented over fueling at marine gas docks.  It was the realization however that the boating industry was not working with the environment to sustain our oceans and waterways that began our quest to give every boater the power to enjoy the water while still protecting it, by offering a full line of environmentally safe products.

Since our humble beginning we have continued to find ways to reduce our impact on the waterways we love.  This was critical because it seemed that every aspect of boating damaged the environment.  From spilling fuel at marine gas docks to boat soaps that had high toxicity levels to bottom paint that continually leached chemicals; boating had become completely one sided taking everything from the sea and giving nothing back in return.  We are here to change that by providing safe environmentally friendly products that don't hurt our oceans and waterways.  Our products are not only environmentally safe, but they consistently out perform their toxic competitors.

The piece of information that started it all...

If you added up all the small fuel spills that happen everyday at gas docks in just the US for one year, it would be more than the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska.  It's not news worthy because its not all lumped together on one beach, but it is a needless environmental catastrophe happening right beneath our noses.  The Fuel Whistle was designed to very safely and effectively and inexpensively eliminate the guess work of refueling a boat at a gas dock and thus preventing all those spills.


The recognition and praise Green Marine Products received from hobbyists and the boating industry alike was overwhelming.  It was a wake up call that it wasn't a select few that were outraged by how poorly we were treating our environment but the majority.

Our Mission

If you go to a search engine and type "green boating tips" the first site that comes back lists 10 tips to be a clean and green boater (discover boating).  Many other sites list similar tips to reduce your impact on the environment while boating.  As a company we have compiled a store of products that directly address everyone of those tips.  Using our products you will prevent fuel spills while refueling, clean your boat without contaminating the water around you, safely store your boat all season long without leaching chemicals from bottom paint, prevent barnacles from growing on props and other submerged parts and on internal motor components, effectively lubricate all areas of boat including motor parts without causing harm to the environment and operate a bilge that only pumps water back out to sea.

We have been featured in many of the most popular and circulated boating magazines in the world and are thrilled that you have shown an interest in being part of our mission.  If you have any questions, comments or just want suggestions on how you can reduce your environmental impact, we would love to hear from you.  We are Green Marine Products, Inc.

We have been featured in many of the most popular and circulated boating magazines in the world